Our Discipline Policy

TAI believes in imbibing the internalized sense of discipline and that’s why we have Reflection Sheet for delinquent students. The Behavioral journal is maintained by the student wardens and their credit rating on daily basis entitle them to earn their breakfast , lunch , snacks and dinners in the school dining hall.

Peace Curriculum

Conflict Resolution is learnt at TAI at the Peace Table which is a part of the school curriculum.


In our culture silence has always been held up as a powerful possibility to get in touch with our highest potential. Whether it is managing negative emotions, calming our minds or touching deep level of creativity and focus, there has never been a more potent process than silence. If we can bring alive the art of silence in to the culture of our school, it would be one of the most long lasting and transformative tools that we could nurture in our children. As a first step in this direction we have started observing silence time twice a day at school.

“…We need silence to be able to touch souls.”- Mother Teresa.


Resident life is an integral part of the Templeton Experience. TAI is a school where everyone knows everyone else, creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which there is room for each student to make a unique contribution to community life. Students are considered for boarding from class One onwards and lives in the residences in various parts of the campus according to the age & sex. Our residence staff, the dorm parents, help to create a loving, secure and disciplined environment for the children where they learn to communicate, build lifelong bonds, & grow into a responsible adults together. The school does not support any religion & has a philosophy that education is not bonded by any religion, its moral values that make a good human. Every child has liberty to follow the family, faith & religion.